CRIN was established in 1995 and was hosted by Save the Children UK until 2008. In the same year CRIN was officially registered as an independent not-for-profit organisation in the United Kingdom and is regulated by Companies House (Company Limited by Guarantee No 6653398) and the Charity Commission (Charity No 1125925).

Structure of CRIN

CRIN consists of a board of trustees, called the CRIN Council, a Director and a team of staff. The Council meets regularly throughout the year and includes a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, elected by the Council. The Council oversees the financial situation and general direction of CRIN’s work. The Director is responsible for the day-to-day operations of CRIN and reports to the Council on the organisation’s progress.

CRIN Policies

CRIN has a number of written policies covering different elements of our work. All policies are approved by the CRIN Council. These policies include, among others:

  • Equality and Non Discrimination

  • Child Protection

  • Risk Management

  • Anti-Corruption

  • Conflict of Interest

  • Ethical Procurement

  • Environmental impact

As well as endorsing openness and transparency in global institutions, CRIN believes that these values should inform every aspect of our work. We use Open Source Software wherever possible and are working to release all of our materials and publications under the Creative Commons license. We also use environmentally sustainable solutions wherever possible.

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Key documents

Annual Reports


CRIN’s accounts are audited annually. Audits are currently conducted by Myrus Smith Chartered Accountants.

CRIN’s audited accounts - 2017


CRIN is currently funded by:

  • Wellspring Philanthropic Fund

  • Oak Foundation

  • Save the Children Sweden