Job: Communications Director


About us

This is who we are

CRIN is a centre for creative thinking on human rights issues, with a focus on children and young people. We challenge the status quo because the norms that dictate under-18s’ place in society need radical change. Through research, artwork and our vision for the future, we encourage people to think critically about the world and start their own conversations.

This is what we’re fighting for

Our goal is a world where the human rights of children and young people are recognised, respected and enforced, and where every rights violation has a remedy. This is a world where organisations like ours would not need to exist. We realise this may be a long way off and may not happen in our lifetime, but we will start paving the way. To this end, we have set ourselves three overarching objectives that will guide our work in the coming years:

  1. Change the narrative so that all under-18s become recognised as people with independent human rights;

  2. Build a collective so that defending and promoting their rights becomes a shared responsibility; and

  3. Seek justice so that when rights are violated, we fight for justice, accountability and redress.

About you

You understand the power of language in all its forms: written, spoken, unspoken, drawn, and imagined. You’re fierce and passionate about justice, equality and global issues facing our planet. Under the guise of your day job, you may secretly be a writer, a poet, an artist or a musician. Crucially, you practice the disappearing art of listening.

You’re aware that the world won’t change one tweet at a time, but you nonetheless know how to get our messages across to the right people. Like us, you’re also a committed utopian, not caring if people think you’re idealistic and your goals unachievable. You flourish at the idea of convincing people that nothing is impossible. But you’ve also been around long enough to understand that nothing is ever achieved alone; that to really change things for the better, groups of people need to come together.

You understand that the world and its problems cannot be looked at in isolation, that there are many points of view, and achieving change calls for diverse perspectives. You have travelled and lived different experiences alongside different groups and in different languages. You love listening to people’s stories and you want to amplify them. You want to do all these things and more in order to make change happen.

Like us, you sometimes feel that the work of NGOs can be patronising, arrogant or downright irrelevant to today’s changing world. However, you appreciate that the global human rights network is crucial for social justice, while understanding that perhaps it’s time to explore other means to fight the good fight against injustice, inequality and oppression. Like us, you believe language, in any form, has a crucial role to play in sharing ideas, changing opinions and building a collective vision for a better world.

Why we need you

CRIN is in a period of change. Following a critical look at our strengths, failures and the usefulness of our existence, we recently adopted The CRIN Code - a set of principles that will guide our vision and work for the coming years and will require us to change how we work and who we work with. For too many years we mostly preached to the converted, talking amongst ourselves, oblivious to the much wider community of human rights activism in all its forms. We found we were out of touch with the world around us and this needed to change if we were to be at all effective. We realised we had to branch out and start including the un-usual suspects, those with different talents and fresher, more radical ways of challenging injustice and disrupting the status quo - from artists, writers and storytellers to dreamers, agitators and pirates.

To this end, we know we need to communicate differently, to different people, and in a much more targeted way. To do this, we want to explore new ways of operating as an organisation, with cross-collaboration at the core. And to spearhead this new approach, we are recruiting a Communications Director to lead on the development and implementation of a new communications strategy and beyond.

About the role

  • Annual salary: £40,000 pro rata

  • Location: Berlin or London preferable, but other European locations considered

  • Contract: 32 hours p/w (less could be considered)


While we’ve described the type of work the Communications Director will be covering below, this is a brand new position at CRIN so you’ll be able to help shape the role.

Internal and External communications

  • Develop and implement a new external communications strategy which supports the delivery of The CRIN Code;

  • Represent CRIN in the media and other related events;

  • Oversee the development and sustainability of CRIN’s online presence;

  • Oversee the production of communications materials, both printed and digital;

  • Manage communications staff;

  • Support with fundraising and impact monitoring efforts;

  • Project manage the hosting of the archived CRIN library;

  • Contribute to the development of innovative working practices.


  • Lead on the development of our public facing campaigns, setting clear goals and targets as and when required;

  • Identify existing areas of advocacy that CRIN could join;

  • Develop innovative communications tools to build support for CRIN’s campaigns and policy work to new and existing audiences;

Engagement and outreach

  • Steer communications output to target audiences;

  • Write articles, blog posts and other thought pieces for external platforms;

  • Cultivate and maintain working relationship with the media;

  • Develop new partnerships in the publishing world.


Your profile

  • Experience in a senior-level communications role, preferably within the creative or publishing industries or across different sectors;

  • Creative and strategic thinker with an understanding of communications in the digital age and an ability to embrace and adapt to change and new approaches and audiences;

  • Experience managing media relations and outreach;

  • Experience managing the delivery of campaigns, from development to launch and beyond;  

  • Experience managing staff, building internal relationships, and a supporter of remote working;

  • Excellent project management skills and ability to plan and organise simultaneous projects;

  • Ability to understand, synthesise, relay and act on information or instructions from CRIN’s director;

  • Demonstrable initiative, creativity, flexibility and resourcefulness in implementing projects;

  • Eagle-eye attention to detail and excellent editing and proofreading skills;

  • Experience devising or organising staff training, e.g. media training and public speaking;

  • Ability to communicate clearly, concisely and in an engaging way to diverse audiences;  

  • Native-level fluency in English and at least one other language;

  • Thrives within a small but diverse and international team.  

Beyond your skills and experience, we’re looking for someone with a genuine interest in working at an organisation that focuses on cutting-edge human rights issues in creative ways. As a taster, some of the issues we work on include voting rights for under-18s, climate change and justice, digital rights, reproductive rights, gender identity and sexuality, minimum ages, sexual violence, and life imprisonment of children.

How to apply

Only apply if you have read our entire Code and agree with it, all of it.

Please send us a one-page CV for our reference and a couple of samples of your writing. But don’t send us a cover letter, they’re boring and don’t tell us the real story. Instead, what matters to us is your vision for this role, what you see as some of today’s global challenges, and how we could pursue creative ways to achieve justice and equality. In other words, we want to know how you think. Accordingly, please answer the following question in no more than one page: ‘If CRIN were to abandon social media, how could we go about communicating to new and broader audiences?’

Email them to: [email protected]

Deadline: this is a rolling deadline. Applications will be considered upon receipt.

CRIN is committed to building a diverse team, and we encourage applications from underrepresented groups and consider candidates who are suitably qualified and eligible regardless of sex, gender identity, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, education or professional experience.  

You can download this vacancy advertisement in PDF.

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