Council of Europe

CRIN developed a stronger partnership with the children’s rights division at the Council of Europe, and with the newly set up Ad Hoc Committee of Experts for the Rights of the Child (CAHENF). This included contributing as an observer during one plenary meeting of CAHENF and during meetings of two groups of experts on children’s rights in the digital environment and on children’s rights and safeguards in the context of migration.

These experts draft instruments to support States and professionals within their jurisdictions to comply with human rights standards in areas such as children’s rights in the digital environment, guardianship for unaccompanied migrant children and age determination.

CRIN contributed to the drafting process of the latter two issues, as well as commenting on all draft recommendations currently being drafted by these groups. We have submitted an application, which is currently being examined, for participatory status at the Council of Europe, which would allow us to file collective complaints in front of the European Committee of Social Rights.