Research with Child Soldiers International

CRIN has partnered with Child Soldiers International (CSI) on a joint research project on children affected by counter-terrorism legislation, particularly focusing on deprivation of liberty in this context. The results of this project were fed into the Global Study on Child Deprived of Liberty.

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Tackling the ‘radicalisation’ agenda

CRIN is actively working with privacy rights organisations, including Privacy International and other UK-based groups, to explore how to tackle the impact of the ‘radicalisation’ debate on children’s rights in the UK and globally, starting with a critique of the term radicalisation itself and a discussion of what it means for children in different parts of the World.

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CRIN partnered with Reprieve in a special CRINmail edition focusing on the use of Drones in counter-terrorism operations, and the threat to children. Reprieve is a human rights organisation that promotes the rule of law around the world, and strives to secure each person’s right to a fair trial. The CRINmail gives us an insight into how the US drone programme affects children's lives and how their use against children amount to grave violations of their rights.

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