Sexual violence

UN peacekeeping (2015 - present)

CRIN is coordinating efforts to build a constituency of actors involved in seeking to strengthen the response to cases of sexual abuse and exploitation in peacekeeping missions. The project involves partnering with international and local experts, human rights organisations, activists and legal experts. We intend this to lead to a growing number of actors challenging sexual abuse and exploitation of children in the UN system through various methods, including through national and international litigation.

The legal research and analysis phase of this project examining the failures in the investigative and judicial processes at the UN and national level that have allowed impunity to persist is lead by Redress with support from Code Blue.

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Sexual abuse in the Catholic Church (2013-present)

In 2013, CRIN launched a campaign to end sexual violence within religious institutions. Taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the scheduled review of the Holy See by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and UN Committee Against Torture (CAT) in Geneva, we launched the campaign with a focus on the Catholic Church. We addressed how the church has for many decades sought self-preservation over child protection by transferring abusive priests from one parish to another or abroad, by refusing to collaborate with civil authorities during abuse investigations, and by opposing national legal reform that would help survivors seek justice.  

Our current is focused on legal reform to secure accountability for sexual exploitation and abuse of children. We view the criminalisation of all forms of SEA of children as a fundamental starting point necessary to secure accountability and to prevent abuse. We have a particular focus on limitation periods, which are common barriers to access to justice for people who have been sexually abused as children and are aspects of the law that can often be rapidly reformed in the face of public pressure.

Our work will involve working closely with the Ending Clerical Abuse-Global Justice Project on the development and use of advocacy materials and to coordinate advocacy work, the National Association for People Abused in Childhood to support a mapping of support services for survivors and the publication of materials, and with Bishop Accountability to share information and research to inform the project.

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The One in Five campaign (2010)

CRIN worked with the Council of Europe’s One in Five campaign against sexual abuse of children, which was launched in 2010. The campaign aims to raise awareness among children, parents, teachers and other people in contact with children about the scale of the problem and to provide them with the knowledge they need to prevent sexual abuse and to report it. For CRIN’s part, we disseminated information about One in Five encouraging our users as a campaign we actively supported.

The campaign partnered with a board range of actors, from governments, national ministries and parliaments to local and community-based civil society associations and professional networks. You can find the list of partners here.

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