What Lies Beneath - magazine

So many rights violations continue unabated worldwide largely owing to factors that lie in the shadows unchallenged. And children, just like all humans, are affected by these, if not more so because they are children. To openly talk about these issues, which keep us from evolving as a species and prevent children and young people from living in a truly rights-respecting world, CRIN launched What Lies Beneath in 2018, a magazine series that doesn’t shy away from the things that need to be challenged.

Through questions, humour, artwork and our vision for the future, the magazine encourages people to think critically about the world we live in and the norms we live by. This goes beyond just reading the magazine and applies to its production, too. Accordingly, we involve people with other talents, imaginations and ways of seeing the world to form part of a collective response to the issues children and young people face. In the first edition, which explores the role Silence plays in human rights, we began a partnership with artist Gervasio Troche.

In subsequent editions, we will be collaborating with more guest artists, writers, organisations, activists and, importantly, those whose rights we defend: children and young people.