Research reports

Realising rights? The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Court

This report examines how the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has been used around the world to challenge abuses of children’s rights, but also where it has been misunderstood and misapplied by national courts.

Child Sexual abuse in the Catholic Church

CRIN has mapped the scale of child sexual abuse committed by Catholic clergy, explored evidence of cover up attempts by the Vatican and Church authorities, and provided an overview of litigation brought by victims seeking remedies for gross violations of their rights.

Rights, Remedies and Representation: A global report on access to justice for children

Our research shows how the legal systems of 197 countries empower children to realise their rights, or perpetuate the rights violations that they should combat. This report demonstrates how national legal systems can be used to challenge violations of children’s rights and the how children can use the law to assert their own rights.

A Children’s Rights Approach to Assisted Reproduction

States have yet to settle the complex ethical questions involved in assisted reproduction and have tended towards a singular focus on the rights of adults to found a family, overlooking the rights of children. This research explores three groups of ARTs: prenatal screening for genetic health, third-party reproduction and cryopreservation.

Caught in the crossfire?
An international survey of anti-terrorism legislation and its impact on children

As terrorism has proliferated in the last 20 years, so have States’ counter-terrorism strategies and the legislation that underpins them, which has introduced new surveillance measures, restrictions on behaviour, powers of detention, and hundreds of new offences carrying heavy sentences. This paper explores anti-terrorism legislation in 33 countries across five continents.

Children's rights and the UN - an analysis

CRIN’s analysis of children’s rights in the work of all of the UN’s human rights mechanisms looks at the most frequently raised violations as well as those that are rarely — if ever — addressed.

Status of Children's Rights in the UPR

This research examines how well the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) has been used to advance children’s rights, and in particular, to what extent civil society has used the UPR to advance children’s rights. It also includes NGO experiences of using the UPR and some of the lessons they have learned.

Analysis of the work of special procedures

In this report CRIN analyses the work of individual special procedures to further understand which children’s rights issues are being raised and which are being neglected.


Minimum age of criminal responsibility

Information on minimum ages of criminal responsibility around the world, which you can explore using this interactive map. Information can also be found regarding all corresponding minimum age legislation.

Life imprisonment of children around the world

Research examining the legality of life imprisonment and the maximum prison terms that can be applied to children around the world, country by country.

Numbers of children detained in the criminal justice system

A compilation of information published on the number of children detained in the world’s criminal justice systems. These figures draw on information from national statistical bodies, ministries of justice, the United Nations Organisation on Drugs and Crime, UN reports and the publications of NGOs.