In focus this month:

A children's rights approach
to assisted reproduction

The rapid advance and use of assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) has an ever-increasing range of implications for children and their human rights.




Briefing: Children’s rights and toxics

Children's rights to live, learn and grow are violated daily by toxic substances – especially in the air, water, soil, and consumer products. This briefing outlines the causes and extent of the problem, and proposes an approach towards effective remedy and prevention.

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Just say not to ‘just say no’ — Research on youth and privacy in the Americas

In this guest post for CRIN, Mariel García-Montes discusses the tension between children's rights organisations and digital rights groups, the importance or recognising children's agency, and the different ways of working with children which recognise their agency.

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FGM and non-refoulement before the CRC

This year the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child published its views on a case it received through the Convention’s complaints mechanism, the first to be ruled admissible and heard on the merits. The case marks an important development in the jurisprudence of the CRC.

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And Beyond

Many more of us can play a positive role in advocating for a better world for children. We therefore want to open up discussions around children’s rights for all audiences, presenting and unfolding bold ideas on issues which—whether we know it or not—affect children and young people.

And Beyond is a creative project by CRIN, which looks at the world through stories, humour, artwork and our vision for the future. With it, we encourage people to question, challenge, and think differently about the world we live in, and never—never—just settle for the status quo.


What Lies Beneath

As NGOs, how often do we question whether what we’re doing is what we ought to be doing? Is our work needed and necessary?

We asked ourselves this at CRIN, and we wrote a review about it.

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