Beta Society @ Tate Exchange

In March 2019, CRIN partnered with the Digital Maker Collective as part of the week-long event BETA Society hosted by Tate Exchange at the Tate Modern. The event explored ideas for making society a better, fairer place, and brought together tech activists, students, creatives and the public. For CRIN’s part, we organised Beta Utopia — a first attempt at drawing a picture of a world where human rights are respected, where problems come with solutions, and where anyone can pick up a pen and contribute.

We organised a series of talks and workshops to provoke people to think outside the box. Privacy International ran hair and make-up tutorials to help visitors fool facial recognition software; musician and educator Melissa Uye-Parker showed people how to create their own music using the sounds around them; and Little Inventors set up a workshop for children to create superhero solutions to an array of different problems.

We also organised debates that addressed the environment, tech and surveillance, citizenship rights and a world without borders, and were joined by a youth campaigner, a Member of Parliament and a range of activists working on data and privacy rights, the open source movement, environment and pesticides, and even a local beekeeper!

The week also coincided with International Women’s Day, for which we held the special talk ‘My period is my power’, an honest, funny and refreshing debate that reframed periods through the experiences of two young women.

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