Commonwealth: What a legacy!

More than a third of the world’s children, 862 million young people, currently live in Commonwealth countries. From Antigua and Barbuda, to Zambia, the Commonwealth has left a shameful legal legacy of discrimination and violence. Examine the data we have gathered on children’s rights in the Commonwealth.

Minimum age of criminal responsibility

Information on minimum ages of criminal responsibility around the world, which you can explore using this interactive map. Information can also be found regarding all corresponding minimum age legislation.

Life imprisonment of children around the world

Research examining the legality of life imprisonment and the maximum prison terms that can be applied to children around the world, country by country.

Numbers of children detained in the criminal justice system

A compilation of information published on the number of children detained in the world’s criminal justice systems. These figures draw on information from national statistical bodies, ministries of justice, the United Nations Organisation on Drugs and Crime, UN reports and the publications of NGOs.