In focus this month:

Artivism Pavilion at the 2019 Venice Biennale

CRIN has partnered with the Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation as part of Artivism, the first-ever human rights pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

It explores the fundamental role the arts play in promoting human rights, and highlights how every one of us is a born activist. To understand how, we suggest you break to create…




British army targets youngest recruits

A new CRIN report shows that the British army is recruiting the youngest teenagers from the poorest areas to fill the riskiest roles.

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Job: Communications Director

We're recruiting a Communications Director to lead on developing and implementing a communications strategy. Must be: creative, radical, utopian. 

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What Lies Beneath: Silence

For the first edition of our new magazine series, What Lies Beneath explores the role silence plays in human rights and the role each of us can play.

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The CRIN Code

It sets out our values, our principles and our vision for a rights-respecting world and how we intend to get there, in the hope that others will collaborate or simply take inspiration and start their own rebellion.


And Beyond

We want to open up discussions around children’s rights for all audiences, presenting and unfolding bold ideas on issues which—whether we know it or not—affect children and young people.

And Beyond is a creative project by CRIN, which looks at the world through stories, humour, artwork and our vision for the future.


What Lies Beneath 


So many rights violations continue unabated worldwide largely owing to factors that lie in the shadows unchallenged. And children, just like all humans, are affected by these, if not more so because they are children.

A new magazine series, What Lies Beneath is a creative project intent on openly talking about such issues, which keep us from evolving as a species.