In focus this month:

What Lies Beneath: Silence

In our new magazine we focus on silence, examining the role it plays in children's rights issues, asking what children think about it, and reflecting on the value of drowning out the everyday din.



Briefing: Children’s rights in the digital age

No group has been more affected than children by the communications revolution of the internet age. This briefing brings a children’s rights perspective to digital rights issues, concluding that the duty to safeguard children and their right of access to the internet are not in opposition.

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What can you do to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals?

Toxic chemicals are everywhere. In the food we eat, the water we drink, even the air we breathe. Read our list of resources to find out more about ways to avoid toxic chemicals in your everyday life, including food, cosmetics, toys and more.

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Work with us!

CRIN is accepting applications for two new roles to support our work on ending sexual violence by UN peacekeepers, UN police, civilian and humanitarian staff in 2019. We are looking to recruit a strategic advisor, and a communication consultant.

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And Beyond

Many more of us can play a positive role in advocating for a better world for children. We therefore want to open up discussions around children’s rights for all audiences, presenting and unfolding bold ideas on issues which—whether we know it or not—affect children and young people.

And Beyond is a creative project by CRIN, which looks at the world through stories, humour, artwork and our vision for the future. With it, we encourage people to question, challenge, and think differently about the world we live in and the norms we live by.


What Lies Beneath 


  As NGOs, how often do we question whether what we’re doing is what we ought to be doing?


  Is our work needed and necessary?


  We asked ourselves this at CRIN, and we wrote a review about it.