What Lies Beneath

A new magazine series, What Lies Beneath is a creative project intent on openly talking about the issues that keep us from evolving as a species. It’s a conversation where the language is accessible, the content is provocative, and readers are encouraged to think critically about the world we live in and to start their own conversations.


What Lies Beneath

As NGOs, how often do we question whether what we’re doing is what we ought to be doing? Is our work needed and necessary?

Under a new vision, rooted in idealism and self-criticism, we’re realigning how we work. We’ve resolved that rather than just repeating what it is we’re fighting against, we want to better define what it is we’re fighting for. With the founding edition of our magazine, we start by answering a simple question: if we could change one thing to make a perfect, rights-respecting world, what would it be?




This edition explores the role silence plays in human rights, focusing on the circumstances in which its power is fostered either by its absence or its presence.

It identifies the role each of us can play in confronting the many faces silence has, both good and bad,  as it tackles them in open conversation, inviting people to think critically about the norms that keep us quiet.